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AMB quan tâm đến lĩnh vực thực phẩm với TotalMono PET mới

AMB has developed a new mono material PET film which is claimed to “help meet the demands and specifications of recyclability as set out by the EU”.

TotalMono PET aims to prevent food waste in the supply chain and added that the mono design means that it is complaint with EU demands for packaging to be fully recyclable by 2030. AMB TotalMono PET target the fresh and processed meat, dairy and other food markets.

In a statement AMB said: “TotalMono PET bottom films have lower thicknesses compared to multilayer products, therefore needing less plastic in its production. It is extremely light weight which in turn leads to less energy usage for its delivery: less space for transport, less trucks on the road, less fuel consumption. By taking into account all the factors that reduce a product’s environmental footprint, AMB demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and supports customers in meeting the same high standards well ahead of EU deadlines.”


According to AMB, its base and rigid films are available at all standard gauges from 200my to 800my with a low or high barrier and including a possible downgauge from APET/PE. Lid films are available at gauges from 37my up to 60my also with a low or high barrier function. It added that all barriers are non-EVOH and that TotalMono PET films are fully printable.